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Christopher is Professor of Information Systems at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. He graduated from the University of Warwick in Computer Systems Engineering. After working in the product-marketing department of  P&P PLC he joined Manchester Business School as ICL Research Associate in information technology. Christopher lectured at Salford University before returning to MBS as lecturer in Information Management. His research interests include information technology strategy, legacy information systems, electronic commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,  systems integration, inter-organisational systems and EDI, banking, and implementation. He has published papers in these areas in Strategic Management Journal, Sloan Management Review, Organization Science, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, IEEE Software and Communications of the AIS. Christopher has consulted with a wide range of organisations in manufacturing, banking, information technology and retailing industries in the areas of information technology strategy and implementation. He regularly presents at international businesss and academic conferences.  

Research and Consultancy

Christopher has conducted research and consultancy projects in a wide range of UK, European and American companies in the areas of information technology strategy, project management, implementation and legacy information systems. The EPSRC funded a large-scale project into legacy information systems and business process change which has resulted in several publications including a focus issue in Communications of the AIS, and publications in Electronic Markets and IEEE Software. This research, particularly the results on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and related strategic issues, has received widespread interest from industry and has resulted in invitations to present at industrial and management conference. The EPSRC is currently funding a project on flexible business integration using novel technologies and business process modelling techniques. Christopher consults with a wide range of companies in the manufacturing, retail, financial services and information technology markets in the areas of strategy and implementation of large-scale information systems.


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Book Chapters

"Forms of Association in Business Markets: The Impact of Inter-Organisational Information Systems", (with A.G. Lockett). In Sharma D.D. (Ed.) "Advances in International Marketing", 1993, Volume 6, pp. 125-143, JAI Press, Greenwich, Connecticut.

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Recent Conference Publications

"Marketing Benefits of Shared Information Systems" (with Marian Sudbury and Pete Naude, presented to the AMA Winter Conference, Austin, Texas, published in Grewal D. and C. Pechman (Eds.) Marketing Theory and Applications, Vol. 9. 1998.

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"Global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation" (with B. Light), 1999, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

"Using the WWW to conduct market research in the financial services industry: the case of Xenon laboratories" (with A. Lockett, I.D. Blackman and P. Naude) 1999, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.



I teach information systems and electronic commerce on all of Manchester Business School's MBA and Executive programmes. I have given invited lectures at the Universities of Lancaster, Bath, Oxford, Warwick, Salford, Tilburg, Munster and Claremont Graduate University. International teaching and examination experience include the International Centre for Management Development (ICMD South Africa, Dimension Data Learning Systems (France), Indian Railways, St. Gallen University (Switzerland), Tilburg University (Holland), Munster (Germany) and Claremont Graduate University (US).


Contact Details

Professor Christopher P. Holland
Manchester Business School
University of Manchester
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